Saturday, March 19, 2005

Spring Has Sprung (I Think)

I finally had to take down my winter flag. I had determined to keep it flying until there was no chance of snow whatsoever. I think we have reached that point. The trees are starting to bud and my lilies have started coming up in the flower bed. I have daffodils already blooming out back. I broke down and changed my house flag yesterday. Now I need to take down my St. Patrick's Day flag from my mailbox and put up the Easter flag.

No word on Steve's condition yet. As a mom, I was concerned about Tom's upcoming license suspension. He was given the option of turning in his license for 30 days at MVA or requesting a hearing where he can explain why he would need his license during that time. I thought he was going to request a hearing to see if he could maybe just be limited to going to work or something similar instead of losing it altogether, but time is quickly running out for him to request that option. I have reminded him too many times that he needs to address the situation - as I have reminded him of other obligations and responsibilities, but I have finally determined that I will not say anything more. He cannot learn responsibility if he is not allowed to handle (or mishandle) his affairs. It is time for me to step back (still praying that he'll be guided to do the right thing, though).

I went to Andy's school yesterday and took the picture to send to their former teacher. I think it turned out very nice. You can't see the letters very well in the small picture, but I printed out an 8 x 10 on photo paper and it looks wonderful. Unfortunately we can't send it to her until school is back in session after the spring break.

Maybe more blogging later - maybe. It's going to be a beautiful day and there's lots to be done outside to get this house ready for selling.

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