Sunday, February 17, 2013

Randomness on a Sunday!

I saw this ad today for a perishable manager.  I'm guessing this is a temporary position?!

Job details
Perishable Manager - Assistant Store Manager
Store Management

P.S. - Is anyone else seeing white blocks in the text above or is it just me?  I copied the ad and they just appeared and I can't get rid of them.  And my font messed up and won't change.  Weird!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Well, that's depressing.....

I got off of the treadmill a little while ago and then signed onto iFit to check my stats.  Here's a screen shot of what came up.

Apparently, I have no goals.

They could make it a little friendlier by saying, "You have set no goals on iFit," but no.  Evidently you are supposed to sign on and immediately wonder at the futility of your life. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Morning, Mr. Seagull!

As I was walking to my truck after shopping at Giant this morning, this is what I saw -

Now, Mr. Seagull, if you'll kindly get off of the top of my truck, I can load these groceries!

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Well, there ya go.

Over to the right -----> is my Instagram feed.  So, it turns out that the pictures I took playing around with my phone and playing around with Instagram are all on there.  No matter how bad they are.  Well, except for the ones of my handsome hubby.  Don't he clean up nice?!  Spoken like a true redneck.  Actually, he was dressed for a somber occasion.  His uncle passed away last week and he was a pallbearer.  The service was very nice.  His uncle had fought in World War II and there were soldiers at the cemetery, and they folded the flag from his casket and gave it to Jerry's aunt.  It was a private cemetery, not a military one.  At the burial a soldier played Taps on a bugle.  As the last note of the bugle faded away in the thin, cold air at the cemetery, I don't think there was a dry eye anywhere.

As for the other pictures, it wasn't until AFTER I figured out Instagram that I discovered I couldn't turn the pictures around - so you see some sideways pictures of my garden before and after I cleaned it up a couple of weeks ago.  And a couple of snow pictures from when we had a meager snowfall. 

Then there are the rolls I made yesterday for our meatball subs which we had for dinner last night, and then the heart cookies that I made today.  The icing was a little funky but they turned out okay.

Now you're caught up with the explanations for my pictures.  You are welcome!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Three More Things

1.  I had to get a new phone.  My old one wouldn't stay charged for more than a few hours, and if I got a phone call, well, forget it.  It would just cut me off unceremoniously and not charge for hours.  I got an iPhone.  Oh my, how I love it.  How did I ever get along without all those games, and apps, and fun things?!

2.  Just as soon as I can get Instagram configured to work on my blog, you'll be seeing randomness at its best, compliments of me and my iPhone.

3.  I was wondering what Downton Abbey was about because I was seeing it everywhere.  Well.  Let's just say I'm hooked now.  Netflix has season 1 on instant view which I have now finished, and season 2 just arrived yesterday in disk form.  So, I'll see y'all later - got some Downton Abbey to watch!

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Five Things

1.  I am typing this on my new computer.  Andy built one for me and gave it to me for Christmas.  For two months before Christmas he was asking me questions about what programs I needed for work, what features did I like about my old computer, and what I thought were random, and sometimes strange, questions.  Now I know why - he was customizing my new one as he was building it so it would be just for me!  I love it.  So much better than my old dinosaur.

2.  IFit changed their web site.  I do not like it.  No, I do not like it AT ALL.  It's hard to navigate, and when they first changed it, it had some hiccups.  And that's putting it nicely.  After time on the treadmill one afternoon, the results according to the treadmill were that I had gone 4 miles and burned 500 calories.  When I signed onto iFit afterwards, iFit said that I had gone only 3 miles, and burned 6 calories.  A whole 6 calories.  In 3 miles.  Andy said the only way that could be possible is if I walked very, very slowly and ate the entire time I was on the treadmill.

3.  Where is the snow?  We had a little of it but not enough.  More snow, please.

4.  My work is beginning to bite.  I love what I do and I love this profession I chose 26 years ago, but so much has changed.  So much of the work is going overseas where it is being done more cheaply, leaving the work scarce here in this country.  My pay was cut yet again last week, and I have hardly  had any work since the holidays.  *Sigh*

5.  To go with #4, you'd think I would have posted more, what with all that time on my hands......!


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