Wednesday, April 20, 2005

How Politically Correct Can We Get?!

Who thinks up these things? Is there someone who sits in an office thinking of ways to change current terms into "politically correct" ones? It is truly getting ridiculous now. Today I saw a florist's ad reminding everyone to "Remember Administrative Professional's Day!" Excuse me? What, exactly, might that be, I wondered. After a short search I discovered that Administrative Professional's Day is what used to be called Secretary's Day. It seems to me that if everyone was as worried about doing their actual job and doing it correctly, then they would be less worried about the title of said job. Did you know that I'm now a Medical Language Specialist? Yes, the powers that be in the medical field decided that Medical Transcriptionist no longer accurately described the depth of knowledge needed to do that job, and that Medical Language Specialist was to be the new title. I'm glad I wasn't looking for a job recently. I saw an ad for "MLS with extensive ESL". I couldn't figure out what it was. Last I heard, MLS stood for Multiple Listing Service and had to do with the real estate field. By this time I was wondering why this ad was listed in the Healthcare section of the classifieds, and wondering what an ESL was, and why the Multiple Listing Service needed it. I finally figured out what it meant. I'm almost afraid to find out what will be changed next.

This may not be politically correct at all, but I am convinced that we are a society of squirrels. This is what I read in Andy's book about squirrels:

"Usually the male leaves after mating, but sometimes the pair will stay together for a while and even build a nest together. But the male is always gone by the time the babies arrive."

I wonder how many fathers claim temporary squirrelity during their child support trial?!

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