Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Walls CAN Talk!

Andy bought two new posters at the book fair last week. Looking around his room after he had put them up on his wall made me think about posters past and present, and gender differences in poster tastes. It seems to me that in choosing adornments for their walls, girls favor boys, and boys favor cars. I'm not sure that this ever really changes post-adolescence, either ! Tom has posters of guitar players and cars on his walls. Andy has posters of video game characters and cars on his walls. Not a female in sight.

What a difference from my friends and I when we were growing up. I had posters of David Cassidy, and then later on it was Peter Frampton who adorned my walls. One of my friends had her room plastered with pictures of Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson. We would cut pictures out of Tiger Beat magazine and add to our already-cluttered walls. Another friend was not allowed to put anything on her walls - she had a lighted, framed picture of John F. Kennedy on her wall. I always thought that was a little weird.

Before cable television and internet where there is instant access to pictures of the current crush-of-the-month, we had to rely on trying to catch our faves on a television show, or waiting for the next issue of a teen magazine to come out. Times have changed, but the need for surrounding ourselves with things that interest us hasn't - it has only matured to match our grown-up interests. Well, for most of us anyway. How else can you explain the fact that women hang pictures depicting beauty, such as flowers, while men hang pictures of poker-playing dogs?!

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