Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Back again! Hopefully I can carve out more time for blogging, because I really do miss writing. I'm still working on the whole Delaware saga for you, but in the meantime I wanted to share this.

Last week Shopper's Food Warehouse had triple coupons. In my world, that's a big deal. Anyway, Jerry and I needed a new showerhead (don't ask) from Lowe's, so we figured while we were in the area we'd stop at Shopper's and scout out prices for couponing that week.

It was late when we got to Shopper's, about 10:00 at night, so we pretty much had the store to ourselves. We went our separate ways in the store looking at different things, but happened to meet up again in the cleaning aisle - Jerry at one end and me at the other.

As we were perusing items in our respective ends of the aisle, our wedding song came on over the store's speakers. I put my arms out and walked toward Jerry and told him that we should dance - it was, after all, our wedding song. And what were the chances of hearing your wedding song, 28 years later, in a grocery store at approximately 10:30 at night, with no one else around?

So, we danced. Right there in the cleaning aisle. I had my eyes closed, just enjoying the moment, when my husband of 28 years, my high school sweetheart, the love of my life, whispered in my ear.............

........"We need toilet cleaner."

Ah, romance.


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