Sunday, January 03, 2010

Better Late Than Never!

This is a post that I started a long time ago (mostly in my head) and intended to post around Christmas. It's still around Christmas isn't it?!

I was listening to Gabriel's Message, a song by Jars of Clay, (on the player below - turn off the player to the right and click play on this player to hear the song.) A line from the song made me think. The song is based on the gospel of Luke when the angel Gabriel visits Mary and tells her that she will be having a son and he will be the Savior. To this life-changing message Mary responds, "To me be as it pleases God."

This is what I started thinking about. Here was Mary, a young girl, engaged to Joseph, told she would be pregnant and give birth. Keep in mind what being pregnant before marriage meant at that time. It still raises some eyebrows now; imagine back in Mary's day - yet, "To me be as it pleases God." She was risking everything. Being ostracized from the community, disowned by family, being left by Joseph.

But she knew, she knew, that trusting God was more important than any of that, and that He could indeed be trusted. How many times have I knowingly or unknowingly not trusted Him? How many times should I have said, "To me be as it pleases God," and just simply trusted? How long until it finally sinks in that there is Someone in charge - and it's not me!?

I am ashamed to admit that in the same circumstances I may not have had the same trust and outlook as Mary. And look what I would have missed. What am I missing now by not having her outlook? Everything that is put in front of me in this life - good or bad - is designed and planned by a God who loves me and only wants what is best for me. Lord, please help me to have a trusting heart and truly be able to say, "To me be as it pleases You", whatever the circumstances.


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