Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Owl. And Body Wash.

There was an owl figurine in my great uncle's stuff that was cleaned out of his house.  It was truly kitschy.  It was painted in excruciating detail and in an ugly brown, and he was a little scary.  His eyes were scary and it just looked plain unfriendly.  But I liked the shape of the owl, and I like owls in general, so after staring at him and trying to decide what his fate should be, I decided to paint him.  I bought a can of white enamel spray paint at Home Depot for $1.00 and asked Jerry to spray paint him for me  I tend to make a mess spray painting and he is much better at that than me.  I really like how my owl turned out.  He now has a place of honor on my shelf.  Jerry just shook his head and Andy laughed, but I don't care.  I like my owl very much now!  Hmmm.....what else can I spray paint.......

I went to the store yesterday and in doing a coupon deal I was buying two Dove Men's Body Washes.  When I saw them on the shelf they were in big square plastic boxes with a little lock thing on the bottom of the box.  Not knowing what I should do with this, I just put them in the cart and decided I'd ask at checkout.  At checkout I was told that they were security boxes and that they had to be unlocked and removed when you paid for them.  They said they had been  having a problem with theft of body washes.  I couldn't believe it.  Body wash?  Really?!  If you were going to steal something, would you pick body wash, of all things?!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Cookies are done, and other miscellany.

I actually made these last week, but I'm just getting around to posting the pictures.  They look pretty sad color-wise in the pictures.  They are actually orange and the dots that look blue are actually green.  My photography skills could be better!  I had fun making my funky leaf cookies.  And who doesn't like polka dots?! 

In other news, my treadmill was fixed.  They sent me the reprogramming module but that didn't do anything, and then an error code came up on the console.  When I called them to tell them about that, the lady had me do a very strange thing.  She said she would stay on the phone with me and wanted me to plug in the treadmill and turn it on, and then push EVERY SINGLE BUTTON on the console, one at a time.  I had no idea how many buttons there were on there until I had to push EVERY SINGLE BUTTON.  When I told her I had finished, she told me to insert the key and lo and behold, it was completely back to normal. 

So, potentially, I could have fixed the thing a week ago, had I known that pushing EVERY SINGLE BUTTON would have fixed it.  But I didn't, so that's that, and now it's fixed, and I'm very glad.  I must say that although I read not so good reviews about NordicTrack's customer service, I am very pleased with them.  Each time I had to call them they were extremely helpful and very pleasant to talk to.  And my call didn't go overseas somewhere, either. 

I am having a lovely Monday, and I hope you are too.  We are having nice weather.  We let the woodstove go out Saturday, but I think by the end of the week we'll be needing it again. 

Oh, and I almost forgot - remember that $100.00 rebate on our washer that I wrote about here (and wasn't holding my breath waiting for)?  Well, it came Saturday.  Yeah, we couldn't believe it either.  That was just icing on the cake for me for Saturday.  Jerry and I went to a couple of yard sales on Saturday morning and had a great time.  I'll tell you about my finds in a future post.  Right now I'd better get back to work - gotta finance future yard sales, ya know!

Happy Monday, my peeps :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Saturday, November 03, 2012

Let the Freezing Begin!

No, not for winter - although I'm looking forward to that and hoping for massive snowfall this year, but what I meant was filling my new freezer.  We put one on layaway at Sears when we got our washing machine, and Jerry picked it up yesterday.  You know it doesn't take much to excite me, but I really missed my big freezer.  My grocery deals had to be cut back a lot because of lack of freezer space.  Last year I did a deal on Ore Ida Easy Fries (the single serve boxes of french fries) where they ended up being free, and I got 90 boxes to put in the freezer.  No, that's not a typo.  And yes, I 'm aware I have a problem.  Anyway, recently the deal rolled around again (slightly different, came to 1 cent a box) and I was only able to get 12 boxes (total was 12 cents) because I didn't have freezer space for any more.  So, let the freezing begin!

In other news, I have been a total sloth this week.  Jerry is home now, and we have been acting like we're on vacation.  I had a loose schedule to begin with, but any schedule at all has been out the window.  I had been going to bed around 9-10 at night and getting up around 5-6.  Not this week.  This week we have been staying up until ridiculous hours watching Lost on Netflix and then sleeping in until 8-9 in the morning.  Sloths, I tell ya.

Jerry is doing tree work today, though, so he was up and out very early, so I got an early start.  It always amazes me what I can manage to get done before 10:00 AM when I get up at a decent time!   So far this morning (it is 9:30 now) I have had my devotional bible reading time, done two loads of laundry, hung one out on the line, cleaned the kitchen from the 11:00 PM batch of cookie dough I made last night, did half a day's work, and am currently eating my breakfast of oatmeal while I write this.  Two days ago I was still in bed at this time.  Sloths, I tell ya.

Jerry had an incident yesterday.  He was taking his trailer to his mom's house where he is putting vinyl windows in her screened porch when a lady backed out of a driveway right into the side of his trailer.  He saw her starting to back out of her driveway and swerved around the back of her van, but then after his truck got around, she went ahead and backed out and hit the side of his trailer as it was going by.  The worst part is that it is a rental car and when Jerry went to the rental place for them to assess the damage, they told him that only the rental car was covered and that the lady did not take out any liability insurance to cover anything she might hit.  Then they told him that the lady who was driving the car wasn't even the one who had rented the car to begin with.

At the scene Jerry thought there might be a problem because there was a lady who was a passenger in the van who got rather mouthy with Jerry and told Jerry just to fix the damage himself and they were just going to tell the rental place that they hit a mailbox, and that there was no need to call the police or anything.  The lady kept telling Jerry that they had somewhere to be at noon and he was holding them up.  Then the lady started getting nasty with Jerry, so Jerry told her that she had completely annoyed him and he was going to call the police and let them come and write a report, and she had better just call whoever and tell them she wouldn't be there at noon. 

This lady wasn't even the driver - Jerry said the lady driving was actually pretty quiet and polite to him.  It was her mouthy friend in the passenger seat.  Jerry said when the policeman came the mouthy lady started pointing at Jerry and loudly saying that Jerry was flying down the road (which he wasn't - we know there are police there all the time, and we both do the speed limit through there).  The policeman told the woman that he didn't care how fast Jerry was going - the fact was that they backed out of a driveway right into him, so they were at fault.  The side of his trailer is dented and the fender above the wheel is pulled up, and his light is knocked out.  We'll find out Monday what's going on when he calls our insurance agent back to let them know what the rental car place had to say. 

Well, my oatmeal is finished now and I'm gonna get to those cookies (making them, not eating them!)  I had started making the cookie dough last night when Jerry went outside to try to rig his trailer lights to work, so that he could take it on the road today.  He needed help outside so I left the dough half finished and went to help, and then the neighbor came over and started talking, and the next thing we knew it was 11:00 and I still had cookie dough to finish making.  I'm making my fall leaf cookies.  I make them every year.  I'm trying a new cinnamon spice recipe this year instead of my usual sugar cookie recipe.  I figured I'd better get them made before there are no more leaves on the trees!  I am seriously behind in making them this year.  Sloths, I tell ya!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday :)


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