Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Worship Wednesday - With Words

There is no music for this Worship Wednesday.  Instead, I want to share why I'm putting worship music here on Wednesdays.  I realize that putting my faith out there is taking a risk.  Speaking about your beliefs does not fit in with what the world thinks, and Christian music is definitely not in the mainstream of what the world listens to.  We are called to live differently, to be in this world, but not live as the rest of the world does.  I believe there is power in prayer, and power in praise.  Praising Him with music is as pleasing to Him as our prayers.  I also believe this verse:

If a person is ashamed of me and of my teaching in this godless and wicked day, then the Son of Man will be ashamed of him when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.   Mark 8:38

If putting praise music on my blog can reach even one person - just one - then I will be glad.  In my statistics I can see how many people read various posts.  I don't know who you are, just numbers of posts read and country.  I wasn't really surprised to see that the number of people clicking on the music videos was significantly less than other posts, and that's okay.  If just one person gets inspiration, or feels moved by the music, then I will be happy.  I think it's sad when a country song can have lyrics such as "5-1-5-0, somebody call the po-po", (and much worse lyrics, but I won't put them here!) and make millions and fill stadiums, but put the word "Jesus" in a song and people tune out! 

I don't go door to door sharing my faith, but this is my little corner of the world and this is the forum that I have, so I will use it for His glory and to further his kingdom when I can.

Climbing down off my soapbox now!

In case anyone is wondering, Hurricane Sandy really didn't wreak much havoc here on us.  We lost electricity for about three hours and that was it.  A lot of rain and some wind gusts, but no trees down at all.   I'm glad my family fared well, also. 

Now I'd better get back to work - since we have electricity, I don't have a good excuse not to work!

Happy Wednesday, y'all!

Friday, October 26, 2012

I Lost My Groove!

The Emperor's New Groove is one of my favorite movies.  And, like the emperor, my groove has been thrown off.  Not by an elderly peasant, but by my treadmill.  It started acting weird and turns out that I need a new programming module which is on its way to me now.

 I hadn't realized how much it had become a part of my daily routine, but not having it feels very strange, and my days are thrown off this week.  I did go check it a few minutes ago, just to see if it might behave for a while, and it did, so I might sneak downstairs and try to get a quick run in before it acts up again!  Shhhhhh.......don't tell.  I'm not supposed to use it until the new part comes in - but my groove, y'all.....

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Can't believe it's Thursday already and I'm just getting around to writing.  This past weekend was busy, but a lot of fun.  Jerry's mom, Andy and I went to Ocean City to clean the house there.  We only had Saturday and Sunday to clean, so we really put everything into it.  Last week I had gotten us a room at the Carousel to stay in Saturday night.  I didn't want to lose the cleaning time driving back and forth to Rehoboth (about 40-45 minutes each way) to stay there.  We worked hard but got it done in record time.  We left Sunday afternoon at about 3:30. 

We were exhausted Saturday night.  I woke up once during the night and could hardly move.  I was sore all over.  But before we collapsed into bed, Jerry, Andy and I walked to the beach at the hotel.  It was beautiful.  I just love watching the ocean waves roar in and crash on the shore.  It just makes me feel so small to be standing there.  I could have stayed there a long time, but it was getting chilly and we were really tired. 

There were only three other people on the beach (it was about 8:30 at night).  While we were there a man came walking over and told us that he was going in the ocean, and asked if we would rescue him if something happened to him.  I told him that I really wasn't a swimmer, but he said that as long as he was staying at hotel on the ocean, he intended to go in the ocean; otherwise he has wasted his ocean-side hotel stay!  So, he went in and waded a ways out.  Finally he turned around and came back in and informed us that it was pretty cold!  He thanked us and went on back to the hotel.  I guess that's why people climb mountains, right?  Because they are there.  And this guy was going to go into the ocean because it was there.  But we're glad we didn't have to go in after him!

Well, there's more to write about, but right now I need to get to work!  Have a good Thursday, everyone!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012


I am short.  And curvy.  And when I find a pair of jeans that fits my, um, curves, they are inevitably too long.  I have hemmed jeans in the past, but have never really liked the results.  I am so thrilled to have found this tutorial on hemming jeans.  I tried it today, and it really works!  The lady whose blog this is on is super talented anyway, but now she has made my life so much easier.  Hemming these only took about half an hour, and I'd never done this before.  I love how they turned out.  At the top of the picture is one leg with the rolled up end, with the original hem..  At the bottom is the finished hem, still with the original hem at the bottom.  No more too-long jeans for me because I was too lazy to hem them!  Yay!   

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What Was I Thinking?

Well, I did it.  I decided to try a 10K this time.  There are both 5K and 10K competitions on iFit, but I've never tried the 10K before.  Too scary!  Well, I decided if I could slog through a 5K, I could give this a try.  My legs felt wobbly when I finished, but I finished!  I also did the 5K competition last week.  As of right now my standing is #125 out of 138 for the 5K and #38 out of 39 for the 10K.  Not last, but close!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Would You Stand Up?

I came across this video clip today.  I'm not going to tell you what it's about because that would spoil it.  It made me wonder - would I have the courage to stand up for someone else?  Would you?

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Friday, October 12, 2012

Windy Friday

Happy Friday!  It is windy here, and a perfect day to hang laundry on the line.  My line is on my back porch.  During the hurricane in August of 2011 a limb fell out of a tree and took out my clothesline in the back yard, and we never replaced it.  I like my porch line, though.  It is a retractable one, and that's nice, so it's not strung across the porch all the time; only when there are clothes drying on it. 

Not much going on here.  The house in Ocean City is not ready for cleaning yet, so that won't be happening this weekend.  Yesterday I ran (slogged) this week's 5K which was in Olympia, Washington.  So far I am #57 out of 62, so we'll see where I end up on Tuesday when this 5K ends and the new one begins.  Last week's was the Grand Canyon and I was #135 out of 149.

A good portion of my time this week has been spent in caring for the cat in some fashion or another.  He is so very old, and has good days and bad days.  On his good days he acts like his old self, plays and can get around pretty well, and use the facilities he is supposed to use.  On his bad days he doesn't want to move, hardly eats or drinks, and seems to forget where the facilities are and is incontinent - wherever he happens to be at the time.  *Sigh*.  I have lost count of the times I have mopped and shampooed carpet the last two weeks.  I don't mind though, because honestly I don't think he will be with us much longer and the bit of extra work he's causing me is worth it.  He has been a family member for 13 years.  I suppose if any other family member became forgetful and/or incontinent I would clean up after them, too!  

Well, the cat is having a good day today and so I let him outside to sit in the sun on the front porch, but I'd better go check on him.  Kind of like a kitty nursing home, isn't it?!  Put the old folks out to sit in the sun on the porch for a while!  Now if only we had a kitty rocking chair.......

I hope you all have a lovely Friday :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


A lot of bloggers have "Wordless Wednesday" which is where they post just a picture - hence the "wordless."  I have decided that I would rather have a "Worship Wednesday" for two reasons.  First, when have any of you known me to be "wordless"?!  Chatterbox is more like it.  And secondly, I want to share music that I like, and I hope you like it too.

I'm not much on the videos that accompany the music, but if they entertain you, then great!  It's not that I don't like them, but I usually just enjoy listening to the music and, well, since I don't do two things at once very well, watching and listening tax my brain!  Anyway, here is this week's.  I just love this song.  Favorite lyric: Awakening my heart, breaking through the dark, suddenly your grace.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Sharing A Laugh

My sister sent me this card.  I literally laughed out loud!  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did! (Click on the pictures to enlarge in case you have trouble reading it). 

Yes, I'm 49 now.  And according to my sister, I'd better enjoy every day of the coming year!

I Do Have A Brother.......Somewhere.......

I have mentioned before that I have one brother and one sister.  This one brother also has a blog.  Which he hasn't updated in 7 months.  And his last blog post was titled "Spring Is Here." 

While I admire his cunning in apparently trying to wait a whole year so he can recycle that blog post title before he writes again, I would like to request that he at least blog something!  He is an excellent writer and I miss his posts.

I know he is very busy, but I also know that he recently massively broke his finger, and I for one think a picture of said finger is in order.  I wrote about my sister's heart attack and I wouldn't try to take the liberty of writing about my brother's broken finger when he has a writing forum of his own. 

So, brother o'mine, inquiring minds want to know.  And see! 

And yes, I realize I'm asking you to type with a broken finger.

Oh, and unfortunately you'll have to do better than a broken finger to catch up to Sherri.  

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

All Washers Go To Heaven

Or something like that.  It was determined that our approximately 16-year-old washer had to be put out to pasture.  We went to Sears and got a new one Sunday afternoon.  I'm in love.  Yes, we went with an agitator-less one, but so far I love it.  I don't have to do a small mopping of the floor after every load!  Yay! 

Here are pictures of Jerry taking a look at the old washer.  In a rather, um, unorthodox way.  But what a brilliant use of heavy equipment! 

My hubby is so smart.  And handsome.  Okay, I'll stop now.  You're welcome.

So, the old washer is destined for the scrap yard next week.  At least we'll get something back on it from the scrap metal!  And our new washer is eligible for a $100.00 rebate from our electric company, but in filling out the rebate form I saw written at the bottom, "While funds last for this program."  Yeah.  What are the chances that "funds" will still be available when it comes time to process my rebate?!  I won't hold my breath.

Happy Wednesday to ya!


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