Thursday, October 04, 2012

I Do Have A Brother.......Somewhere.......

I have mentioned before that I have one brother and one sister.  This one brother also has a blog.  Which he hasn't updated in 7 months.  And his last blog post was titled "Spring Is Here." 

While I admire his cunning in apparently trying to wait a whole year so he can recycle that blog post title before he writes again, I would like to request that he at least blog something!  He is an excellent writer and I miss his posts.

I know he is very busy, but I also know that he recently massively broke his finger, and I for one think a picture of said finger is in order.  I wrote about my sister's heart attack and I wouldn't try to take the liberty of writing about my brother's broken finger when he has a writing forum of his own. 

So, brother o'mine, inquiring minds want to know.  And see! 

And yes, I realize I'm asking you to type with a broken finger.

Oh, and unfortunately you'll have to do better than a broken finger to catch up to Sherri.  

1 comment:

  1. lhdi d;dhci di idhhuc';j[0roptv iuh

    (damn broken finger)



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