Friday, October 12, 2012

Windy Friday

Happy Friday!  It is windy here, and a perfect day to hang laundry on the line.  My line is on my back porch.  During the hurricane in August of 2011 a limb fell out of a tree and took out my clothesline in the back yard, and we never replaced it.  I like my porch line, though.  It is a retractable one, and that's nice, so it's not strung across the porch all the time; only when there are clothes drying on it. 

Not much going on here.  The house in Ocean City is not ready for cleaning yet, so that won't be happening this weekend.  Yesterday I ran (slogged) this week's 5K which was in Olympia, Washington.  So far I am #57 out of 62, so we'll see where I end up on Tuesday when this 5K ends and the new one begins.  Last week's was the Grand Canyon and I was #135 out of 149.

A good portion of my time this week has been spent in caring for the cat in some fashion or another.  He is so very old, and has good days and bad days.  On his good days he acts like his old self, plays and can get around pretty well, and use the facilities he is supposed to use.  On his bad days he doesn't want to move, hardly eats or drinks, and seems to forget where the facilities are and is incontinent - wherever he happens to be at the time.  *Sigh*.  I have lost count of the times I have mopped and shampooed carpet the last two weeks.  I don't mind though, because honestly I don't think he will be with us much longer and the bit of extra work he's causing me is worth it.  He has been a family member for 13 years.  I suppose if any other family member became forgetful and/or incontinent I would clean up after them, too!  

Well, the cat is having a good day today and so I let him outside to sit in the sun on the front porch, but I'd better go check on him.  Kind of like a kitty nursing home, isn't it?!  Put the old folks out to sit in the sun on the porch for a while!  Now if only we had a kitty rocking chair.......

I hope you all have a lovely Friday :)

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