Thursday, October 25, 2012


Can't believe it's Thursday already and I'm just getting around to writing.  This past weekend was busy, but a lot of fun.  Jerry's mom, Andy and I went to Ocean City to clean the house there.  We only had Saturday and Sunday to clean, so we really put everything into it.  Last week I had gotten us a room at the Carousel to stay in Saturday night.  I didn't want to lose the cleaning time driving back and forth to Rehoboth (about 40-45 minutes each way) to stay there.  We worked hard but got it done in record time.  We left Sunday afternoon at about 3:30. 

We were exhausted Saturday night.  I woke up once during the night and could hardly move.  I was sore all over.  But before we collapsed into bed, Jerry, Andy and I walked to the beach at the hotel.  It was beautiful.  I just love watching the ocean waves roar in and crash on the shore.  It just makes me feel so small to be standing there.  I could have stayed there a long time, but it was getting chilly and we were really tired. 

There were only three other people on the beach (it was about 8:30 at night).  While we were there a man came walking over and told us that he was going in the ocean, and asked if we would rescue him if something happened to him.  I told him that I really wasn't a swimmer, but he said that as long as he was staying at hotel on the ocean, he intended to go in the ocean; otherwise he has wasted his ocean-side hotel stay!  So, he went in and waded a ways out.  Finally he turned around and came back in and informed us that it was pretty cold!  He thanked us and went on back to the hotel.  I guess that's why people climb mountains, right?  Because they are there.  And this guy was going to go into the ocean because it was there.  But we're glad we didn't have to go in after him!

Well, there's more to write about, but right now I need to get to work!  Have a good Thursday, everyone!


  1. Okay, I admit that I just got that remark.



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