Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When Treadmills Get Boring

Oh yes I did.

Excuse the reflection while taking the picture!

Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm Still Here!

I'm still around!  Now to catch y'all up...

This has been a busy time with dentist and doctor appointments.  Jerry, Andy and I had our annual physicals.  Andy had been complaining intermittently of his heart racing before our appointments, so we cut out any caffeine and sugar but that didn't help, so he mentioned it to the doc when he had his physical.  His EKG was fine, but just to be sure he sent Andy to a cardiologist.  There was nothing wrong and he was given a clean bill of health.  He has to go back in a month for a followup, but just between you, me, and this blog page, I think the follow up is more to help finance the doc's yacht rather than because Andy actually needs to be seen.

I held onto winter as long as I could, but Spring sprung anyway!  I finally changed my snowman flag out front.  Now I need to remove the snowmen from the living room where they've resided all winter.  Yes, I know it's April.

My slogging is progressing slowly but surely.  I completed the first 9 weeks of C25K and have started a second cycle of it, this time increasing my speed on the running intervals.  I am on my third pair of running shoes, and at $100.00 a pair, that's not a purchase I take lightly, and I have gotten professionally fitted each time.  The first two pairs were to correct overpronation and plantar fasciitis.  Then when that got better and healed, those shoes became too heavy and were bruising my toes and nails because I didn't need the structure anymore.  The next pair were lighter with less structure but around Christmas time my knee started hurting.  I have been just been purchasing inserts to put in the shoes which for a while were helping the knee pain, but now they don't seem to help much, and I made a discovery.  I noticed that my knee hurt the most when I was wearing shoes; any shoes, but when going barefoot the pain was much improved.  So I experimented on the treadmill and discovered that I don't have any pain at all when I run barefoot!  Somehow it does use a different muscle set, though, because I'm sore in different places than when I run in shoes, so I'm taking it easy and only running barefoot (well, in socks) the first 1.5 to 2 miles and then finishing the rest in shoes.  After doing much research on barefoot or minimalist shoe running, I am saving for these shoes.  I LOVE that color!  I have also somehow managed to make it to level 3 on Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred DVD.  I am actually starting to see muscle underneath my marshmallow layer!  Now to burn off that marshmallow layer...

The garden is doing well.  About three weeks ago I planted Romaine lettuce, iceberg lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.  I think frost might have gotten them once because there are some white spots on a couple of leaves, but they recovered nicely.  I watched Julia Child on DVD make a braised lettuce dish and now am anxious to try it.

I have The French Chef DVDs in my queue for Netflix so in between movies that's what they send us.  Right now we are waiting for "Lincoln" but there is apparently a long wait, so Julia Child it is! As you know, we don't have TV so we just watch Netflix on instant queue.  Currently we are watching Psych and White Collar, which we really like.  We have to pace ourselves, though - we tend to want to watch "just one more...", and next thing you know it's past midnight and we have trouble getting up the next morning!

I haven't made cookies in a while but sure want to.  I miss decorating cookies.  My dogwood tree is blooming beautifully this year and I'm thinking of ways to paint dogwood blooms on cookies.  Strange, I know, but I'm okay with that.

Well, that's about it for now.  I'll try to keep y'all updated as best I can, since evidently my brother has fallen off the face of the earth and hasn't updated his blog in, well, FOREVER.

Happy Friday, everyone!


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