Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Owl. And Body Wash.

There was an owl figurine in my great uncle's stuff that was cleaned out of his house.  It was truly kitschy.  It was painted in excruciating detail and in an ugly brown, and he was a little scary.  His eyes were scary and it just looked plain unfriendly.  But I liked the shape of the owl, and I like owls in general, so after staring at him and trying to decide what his fate should be, I decided to paint him.  I bought a can of white enamel spray paint at Home Depot for $1.00 and asked Jerry to spray paint him for me  I tend to make a mess spray painting and he is much better at that than me.  I really like how my owl turned out.  He now has a place of honor on my shelf.  Jerry just shook his head and Andy laughed, but I don't care.  I like my owl very much now!  Hmmm.....what else can I spray paint.......

I went to the store yesterday and in doing a coupon deal I was buying two Dove Men's Body Washes.  When I saw them on the shelf they were in big square plastic boxes with a little lock thing on the bottom of the box.  Not knowing what I should do with this, I just put them in the cart and decided I'd ask at checkout.  At checkout I was told that they were security boxes and that they had to be unlocked and removed when you paid for them.  They said they had been  having a problem with theft of body washes.  I couldn't believe it.  Body wash?  Really?!  If you were going to steal something, would you pick body wash, of all things?!

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