Friday, December 21, 2012

Back again.

Days go by so fast.  What I think will just be a couple of days off from blogging somehow turn into months.  And if I didn't have friends and family who complain about being tired of seeing my last post, who knows when I'd get around to updating?! 

So, here's a short recap since you last heard from me. 

We had a great Thanksgiving, as usual.  This year I didn't brine and smoke the turkey, though.  Jerry got an infrared cooker and we cooked the turkey in that.  It turned out so well that I might not brine/smoke next year's turkey either.  It was like deep fried, only without the oil.  It was browned and crispy all the way around, because it cooks standing up.  We are cooking a roast in it tomorrow.  That should be really good, too. 

Christmas is upon us once more.  I only have one more thing to get and I will pick that up on Monday when I do my regular weekly grocery shopping.  Other than that, my shopping is officially finished. 

We have been battling colds here in our house.  Two weeks ago I had one.  Then I got better and last week Jerry got it.  Now Jerry's getting better and Andy has started with it, and I have it back again.  Full circle.  Oy.  I hope to be better by Sunday when we have our official family Christmas gathering at my sister's.  With enough Dayquil I should be able to conquer the world.  Well, at least that's what it feels like until it starts to wear off. 

A couple of weeks ago we went to IHOP to do our annual family name-drawing.  It was fun, as usual.  Here are a few pictures that I took.  Tom took a couple of pictures and I'm sure they turned out better than mine, but these will have to do until I remember to ask him for them. 

 From left to right, Sherri, Mike, Paul, Alyssa and Mom.
 From left to right, Marian, Mike Linda, Collin, Matthew.  Can't see Aaron!
 From left to right, Andy, Tom and half of Jerry.  You can partly see Jerry's mom behind Andy. 
Mom and Paul.

Well, there's my short and sorry update.  Happy Friday to you all!

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