Sunday, April 17, 2005

Goodbye weekend......sigh...

Another Sunday night. Which means closer to another Monday morning *sigh*....

We didn't do much this weekend. Or rather, I didn't do much this weekend! Jerry, on the other hand, drywalled the garage ceiling and spackled it all, and finished putting the electrical outlets where they need to be. An electrician he knows is supposed to come by sometime this week and connect everything to the house electric. Great - there goes the electric bill again!

All week we have been watching "Band of Brothers" on the History Channel. What a great series this was. Anyone who hasn't seen it really needs to. It was really hard to break away from it to get anything else done while it was on. Then last night they showed the movie "Windtalkers". This was a very good movie. It was about how the Marines used Navajo Indians to be "code talkers" during World War II. The Japanese never broke that code, even though they managed to break every other code used by the military.

I am looking forward to lunch tomorrow. Each year at Andy's school they have a special lunch for the volunteers. In previous years I didn't attend these, but I wasn't aware until last year that the teachers pay for this. Last year when Andy's teacher asked if I was going, I said no at first, but that's when I found out that she helped pay for it, and wanted me to go with her! It was a very nice lunch with lots of great food. I also didn't realize until last year that the teachers you volunteer for go too and you are their "guest". Hmmm.....I volunteer for two teachers this year - can I get two lunches?!

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