Sunday, April 03, 2005

Time To Build An Ark!

Boy, did we have rain yesterday. Rain water rushed over the rocks that run under a footbridge in the gulley/ravine in our back yard and was like a river with small waterfalls. It would have been a lot nicer to look at if the water hadn't been so muddy. It was fascinating to watch and Andy and I walked outside to look at it. When we got near it the noise was so loud, it was hard to hear each other talk. It was just like a rushing river. I stayed out there a long time just watching it. Andy was having fun tossing small pieces of wood from the wood shed into it and watching them travel. I had intended to get pictures, but after taking three pictures of other things in the yard, my camera started acting up again. I have been using Tom's so long that I had forgotten how persnickety mine can be. Unfortunately Tom had his camera with him, so I had to use my half-working standby. Enjoying the view of the "river" in the ravine took my mind off the fact that there was also likely a "river" going directly into the septic tank again. It was just a week ago that we had the last round of rain water pumped out of it. Sure enough, this morning Jerry informed us that we had to take it easy on the water as the tank was just about full again. This whole area is so soggy and waterlogged. Our neighbors two houses further down the hill from us were having a new septic tank put in, but when the machine dug the hole, the hole kept filling up with water, and then when they put the septic tank in, it kept bobbing in the hole because of the amount of water. And they had waited for an extended dry period to do this, too, so there had been no recent rain. We have city water - it seems to me with all the new building going on here that sewer should be considered, too. Okay, enough complaining!

I am feeling restless or something today. I can't quite put my finger on it. I just feel out of sorts somehow. Maybe it's just been a long week; the first week back to school after vacation, the Terri Schiavo ordeal, the pope's passing, daylight-savings time and staying up late last night - it's probably a combination of all these things! It has certainly been a newsworthy week, anyway. Tom's friend Billy (the drummer) was over yesterday and last night all of us were playing Mario Kart racing together. Boy, those guys can race dirty! I was just trying to concentrate on keeping my go-cart on the track but they were busy shooting turtle shells at everybody else, causing lightning bolts to strike other racers, and putting banana peels out on the track for the racers behind them to hit! Jerry especially seemed to have it in for me! I managed to win a couple of races, but it was through no actual skill on my part, I assure you!

Tom's other friend Steve is home from the hospital now. Tom and his group of friends usually get together and go to dinner on Friday nights and Steve actually went to dinner with them this week. Of course, he still can't drive or get around very easily as he has a hip cast and brace on one leg and one arm in a cast. Apparently when the front of the other car struck the driver's side of Steve's car, the top of his leg at the ball of his hip just popped right out of his hip joint. Tom said his leg didn't break, his hip just totally dislocated and he said the x-ray showed the ball of his hip six inches away from where it was supposed to be. That hurts just thinking about it. Anyway, that's why he's in the leg cast and brace because they did surgery for that and then they had to reconstruct one elbow. Tom said Steve told everyone at dinner Friday that he has a new appreciation for his parents, friends, and life itself, and that he realizes how close he came to losing it all. He is indeed a blessed young man. I don't say lucky, because I don't believe in luck - I believe in blessings as I believe someone is in charge.

Well, now that this daylight-savings thing is upon us, I guess that means dinner time rolls around an hour earlier, so I guess I'd better get with the program. I cooked a big roast last night, so I'll just figure out something to do with that, I guess. I made cinnamon rolls this morning - why can't we just have those?!

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