Thursday, March 24, 2005

Rain - Rhymes With Bane

Bane of our septic tank, that is. The heavy rains of yesterday did us in. Brothers Johnson to the rescue once again! In a previous post I commented that we must be good customers because we received a Christmas card from the company - now I know this to be true. When Jerry called them this morning he was told they were very busy and wouldn't be able to come out until sometime next week, but if Jerry wanted to leave his name and number, they would call if something became available sooner. Approximately 10 minutes later they called back, saying that someone would be here today. Approximately 1o minutes after that, they arrived! I felt as if we should have offered refreshments or something, as they have become more frequent visitors than our friends and neighbors! Well, in any case, now we may dishwash and bathe with abandon once more. Until it rains again......

The whole issue with Terri Schiavo has everyone offering opinions and opening discussions. I don't think there has been this much debate about anything since the election last November. This story certainly puts a different perspective on the issue for me, though. I had not realized that there was question as to the husband's possible involvement in (or responsibility for) her condition. Kind of puts a new light on the situation.

Yesterday was Haircut Day at our house. After a false start about a month ago, we managed to go on and finish getting the job done - well, Jerry and I, anyway. I usually cut Andy's hair myself, and Tom - well, we're not real sure what Tom is doing with his hair these days. About a month ago Jerry and I set out for haircuts one sunny afternoon. We decided to try Hair Cuttery this time instead of the usual place we went. We had been to Hair Cuttery once before, but didn't like the attitude of the people there, so had determined that we wouldn't go back. Well, it had been a while, and with the usually high turnover rate at places like these, we figured it might be safe to return there. When we walked in we were told the wait would be about 45 minutes to an hour. Hmmm...we saw exactly one man sitting in the waiting area, and we saw four stylists standing at the back door smoking cigarettes and chatting. When Jerry started to say no, thanks, the lady suddenly changed her mind and - what do you know - the wait suddenly became only 20 minutes! Jerry figured that maybe the third time was the charm - say no, thanks again, and maybe we could be seen RIGHT THEN! Nope - didn't turn out that way. Instead, she changed her tune to 30 minutes. By this time Jerry had had enough. He said no, thanks - we'll go elsewhere. As we headed for the door, the lady actually said "Oh! We could probably take you all next!" Puhleeze. Well, we went across the street to the good ol' standby haircut place that we had visited for years, grumbling all the way over about the bad attitudes and general nastiness of the previous place. When we got to the shopping center, we couldn't find the place. It was GONE! We started thinking we had sniffed too much perm solution at the other place and had lost our bearings, but no - the place was GONE! Instead, there was a FOR LEASE sign in the window of where it used to be. Oh dear. Now what?! The only other haircut place now was 20 miles or so in the other direction. There was no way we were returning to Hair Cuttery - sheepishly or otherwise! Jerry decided we were Standing Our Ground and by golly, there'd be no haircuts today! Finally, after a month, our vision started becoming obscured by the completely unruly masses of growth atop our heads - hence our trip yesterday. We are shorn and happy. Oh, and by the way - we went to the place 20 miles in the other direction!

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