Friday, March 18, 2005

Another Accident

Last night was a little uneasy for us. Tom's friend Steve was in a car accident and was in very serious condition when they flew him out. We have not yet heard how he is today, but are anxiously awaiting news. A neighbor had called me and asked me to listen to my scanner because she wanted to know what was going on when she saw an ambulance at the house beside hers. I turned on the scanner and didn't hear anything about what was going on next to the neighbor, but I did hear that there was a very bad car accident and that they were closing off Route 4 in both directions and had called for three helicopters. Tom was due to get off of work in about a half an hour, so I called him to let him know he might want to go get coffee or something, as he wouldn't be able to get home for a while. I heard on the scanner that one of the accident victims was a young male and told Tom this. As is usual, when something like this happens he and his friends check on each other to make sure everyone's okay. The friends were able to reach everyone but Steve, and then shortly thereafter it was confirmed that it was him involved in the accident. Tom was badly shaken because Steve had called him yesterday afternoon wanting to know if he was free so they could get together and hang out or something, but Tom told him he had to work and wouldn't be able to. Tom finally made it home. They had the road closed for a few hours as they were doing accident reconstruction work but they opened a detour eventually on lots of back roads. This is the fourth of Tom's friends to be in an accident. The first one was Josh (I didn't post a picture of that one). Then it was Billy's turn last October. Then Steve (one who works at the music store with Tom) had his accident with the bus last month. Last night it was the other Steve, who was just here hanging out and eating pizza with us last Saturday night. Josh's accident was his fault. Billy's was not his fault, and the first Steve's was not his fault. We don't know the details of last night's accident yet. I would imagine that the odds of a circle of friends being in accidents would be slim. I could understand it if they were unsafe drivers, but Billy's and Steve's wasn't their fault. Other drivers (older drivers) caused their accidents, so it can't be chalked up to teenage driving. I did, however, spend some time in prayer this morning and it occurred to me that Tom's speeding tickets could be (and should be) a warning from The One in charge. Yes, Tom has gotten two of them now and is facing a 30-day suspension of his driving privileges at the end of this month. I firmly believe that having a mother who prays for his safety daily has kept Tom from being in an accident, but I also firmly believe that the warnings he is being given should not be ignored. I shared this with him this morning. I am sorry that he has seen many friends in accidents, but I truly hope it serves to change his driving habits. By the way, the picture of the boys playing in the band were taken the week after the first Steve's accident. He was flown from the scene, but was released the next day, and three days later was here in our garage playing guitar. Someone was definitely looking after that young man. Billy was just able to resume playing the drums when the picture was taken. He broke his hand in his accident and it had just healed enough for him to play again. Well, I will certainly be praying for Steve and awaiting news on his condition. More blogging when I am able.

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