Monday, March 28, 2005

Going Once, Going Twice.....

Well, now I have seen it all. I was searching on eBay for history books and came across this auction. Grandmas on the auction block. I have seen weird stuff up for auction before, but they have been jokes (mother-in-laws, annoying relatives, souls, and even dignity for sale!). I don't think this one is a joke, unless I'm really missing something in the ad.

We are enjoying our last day of freedom here. Tomorrow it is back to school, schedules and same ol' same ol'. Actually, it's probably a good thing as we were all becoming just a tad too lazy (sleeping 'till whenever, staying up 'till whenever, eating whenever). I mentioned in an earlier post that Andy is a creature of habit, but in truth I think we all are, and a little more of a daily routine isn't really such a bad thing. I will heartily disagree with that statement as the alarm is going off at 4 tomorrow morning!

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