Monday, May 02, 2005

Picture Day Again - And Again - And Again......

Remember when Picture Day at school was a one-day thing? You were given a little black plastic comb, waited in line, had your picture taken and went back to your classroom. When your pictures arrived, of course your parents bought them - then embarrassed you by displaying them. That's how it was done. Woe to the child who was absent on Picture Day. You had a blank space in your school scrapbook of pictures for that year. Well, times have definitely changed, and not for the better. Photographers have figured out that a parent will buy anything that has their child's picture on it - not because they need more pictures of their child, but because of the guilt factor associated with not buying pictures of their child. So far this year there have been three Picture Days at Andy's school - or, as the wealthy photography company puts it, "Photo opportunities".

The photography company must know that parents are getting a little tired of buying pictures of their offspring, so they've changed their tactics once you get past the very first Picture Day. Now they take pictures of your child whether you ask for them or not, then print them and send them home with a payment envelope "If you want these precious keepsakes of your child". Boy, have they got you. If I don't buy these "precious keepsakes of my child", will this precious child be telling that fact to a therapist ten years from now? Not only are there pictures in the package but bookmarks, keychain pictures, calendar cards and last but not least, stickers! Boy howdy - now my precious child can just be with me, at my side, in my wallet, on EVERYTHING I OWN ALL $%#& DAY LONG!

Ahem - excuse the outburst. I must go now and write a check to those dear photographers who keep reminding me what my precious child looks like. Oh well, at least it's cheaper than therapy.

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