Tuesday, May 17, 2005

No Amputation Needed

Well, Jerry's thumb isn't too bad. It's a nasty cut, though. It had already started closing some by the time he got home, although it was still oozing, but we didn't think it would need stitches. When he got home he was very hungry, and dinner was on the table waiting, so he wanted to eat first and clean his hand later. That's when I put my foot down this time! His hand was really dirty from the day's work. Dinner had to wait until his thumb was scrubbed and bandaged. It got a little tricky at one point, though. As he was washing it out, all the color drained out of his face and he said he needed to sit down. I don't think I've ever seen quite that color of whitish-gray before. He got even paler which I didn't think was possible and said that he needed air FAST. I started fanning as fast as I could with a paper that I had grabbed. Then I helped him down the hall to the bedroom and turned the fan on. His color gradually came back, he felt better, and we finally got to eat dinner! This morning his hand is feeling much better. The swelling is down and it doesn't hurt very much now. It was his left thumb, so it didn't affect his eating ability! Last night he had a snack attack at about 8:30 but we didn't have anything here to snack on. He remembered some cookies that he hadn't eaten that his mother had brought to him while he was on the job a couple of days ago and got those. Now that they are gone, I figured I should probably have something in case a snack attack hits again, but I don't think he will like what I made. The only cake mix I had left in the kitchen was for a strawberry cake. There's a reason it's the last mix left. Well, I made it anyway. A starving and/or snack craving man will eat anything, right?! I am making some tortilla chips right now, though, and he will probably like those better. We had bought corn tortillas to make wraps with, but now the lunchmeat is gone and we had several tortillas left over, so I put a little oil on them, salted them, then used the pizza cutter to cut them into triangles and baked them. They are really good! You tend to get creative when payday/grocery shopping day is still four days away!

I am still feeling under the weather and am dreading going to Andy's school this afternoon, as there is an awful lot of walking to do. Andy's classroom is downstairs, and the office and copy room and teacher's mailboxes are all upstairs. I usually try to consolidate everything into one or two trips, but it inevitably happens that a teacher will ask, "Are you going upstairs? Could you please get/run/take/copy this?" I don't tell them that no, I'm not going upstairs - I just go do it. I have been walking on the treadmill every day for the last two weeks, but I take Tuesdays off. I figure the walking upstairs and downstairs and up and down the halls has to count for something. I haven't walked yesterday or today, though. I'm not able to go far without stopping for breath and to cough, so I'll wait until this bug passes by before getting on the treadmill again. As good an excuse as any, huh?!

Had to add this - I was spellchecking this blog before posting it, and it stopped on the word "Jerry's". The suggested replacement for it was "jerky". Hmmm...there are days when the two words could be used synonymously, but today is not one of them!

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