Saturday, May 21, 2005

I am still very much under the weather - actually, under a truck is what it feels like. Instead of resting this week like I should have, I did everything I needed to do, albeit slower than usual, but now I am paying for it. Ever the optimist though, I did discover how to grocery shop in record time yesterday. Have an uncontrollable coughing spell in the middle of a grocery store, and the people will part like the Red Sea - allowing you to get your shopping done in record time. Have another spell at the salad bar and you get first pick of EVERYTHING!

Only once did I get a little embarrassed. I started coughing uncontrollably in the cereal aisle. Then the wheezing started, then my eyes started watering too badly to see where I was going - which really didn't matter anyway as I was standing still, clinging to the grocery cart for dear life. I just couldn't seem to stop coughing, or catch my breath. At this point Jerry quickly left the aisle (no, not because he was embarrassed to be seen with me!) and went to the medicine aisle and got not one, but TWO bags of cough drops. He returned to the cereal aisle where I had been commiserating with Cap'n Crunch and helped me get a cough drop. Had I taken my Robitussin before I left, I would have been fine, but I forgot to take it. In any case, the grocery shopping got done in an amazingly short time!

I know it was silly to go out when I was feeling so badly, but it seems the people in this household think they need to eat on a regular basis. Go figure. And being the stubborn sort, I didn't want Jerry going without me, because I wasn't sure he'd get everything I needed. I have been very stubborn this week, not letting anyone help me with anything. I really need to work on that!

Now I shall go lie down and take a nice 2 or 14 hour nap.

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