Monday, May 16, 2005

Oh no - the dreaded cold bug has bitten me. I am starting to feel the first signs of cold yuckiness coming on. Now is definitely not the time to be under the weather. Well, I'll just rest as much as I can, drink a lot of water, take my vitamins and pray that it's over soon! Andy stayed home from school on Friday because he was miserable with a cold that had come on very quickly. It figures - he had perfect attendance up until the end of the year. Now he has missed two days in two weeks. Guess I got this general yuckiness from him. I must remember to thank him.

I watched three children today for my neighbor who has the daycare. She had an inspection at her house and needed me to keep the children while the fire marshall was conducting the routine inspection. Since the inspection was so short, she didn't want to close her daycare all day, and the person who was originally going to watch them wasn't able to come, so guess who got the job?! It was fun, though. I was feeling better this morning when they were here. The yuckiness didn't start coming on with a vengeance until this afternoon. The children were ages 2, 3 and 5. We played, colored, and looked at books. As much as I enjoyed them, I think I will stick with medical transcription!

I was reading Anita's blog about her son's graduation from college. I got teary reading it and thinking about Andy's fifth grade graduation coming up. I know I will be doing some crying on that day. I am so sappy that I cry at certain television commercials, much to the amusement of my all-male household.

I am awaiting seeing Jerry's hand when he comes home from work this afternoon. He had three jobs to go to today and on the way to the third one he called me and asked if we had any peroxide at home. I thought that this was an odd question to ask, so when I said that we did, and asked why he wanted to know, he said he had cut himself on the second job and wanted to know if, when he stopped for bandages, he should also buy some peroxide. I asked if he was coming home, and he answered me as if I were crazy - he was just going to bandage his hand and keep on to the next job. Men. The last time he did this, when he arrived home he was pale and dizzy and the wound was still bleeding, nine hours later. That time I put my foot down and made him go to the emergency room for stitches. He assures me that this wound isn't nearly as bad. We'll see if he comes home anemic or not.

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