Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What I Woke Up To.......

A couple of weeks ago Andy had a friend over. These two friends always stay up all night playing video games, guitar, whatever, which is perfectly fine with me. One time I woke up in the morning to my vitamin bottle having graffiti on it which was hilarious - as soon as I can find the picture I will post it - but this particular time, I woke to find this staged scene in the living room.

And because I happen to know that this friend's mom reads this blog - I won't mention names! You're welcome. The boys had brought in Jerry's yucky ashtray from the deck, and they said since they couldn't find any dice, they put out dominoes!

Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch, I KNOW these boys and this was STAGED and just for FUN. The only reason I shared it here with you is because I totally trust my son and his friend and wanted to share their fun with you. They are wonderful and trustworthy young men, and I appreciate their sense of humor very much. Just wanted to add that in case anybody thought we were running a gambling house!

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