Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not Much To Report

Not a lot going on around here. Some sort of bug/cold/flu has been chasing me this week and I've been doing my best to get away from it. I haven't exercised this week. I'm feeling a little more myself today, though. I still did what I had to do this week, but just felt blah, and felt like I could nap every hour. Glad that's gone.

Now those storage bins I told you about from Dollar Tree are sitting here mocking me, and I intend to do something about them. But I am also the Queen of Procrastination, remember?!

The final tally for last week's 5K was that I was #97 out 103 participants. I would like to try to do this week's before Tuesday. This week's is in Houston, and on the overview it looks like there are HILLS! EEEEK!

I shall end my mundane post now and get to work! Enjoy your Thursday.

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