Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Sunday!

I have been loving the rain yesterday and this morning. I'm a rainy day kind of gal. Sunny days - meh - they're okay, but there's something cozy about a rainy day. Last night, though, storms kept me up intermittently throughout the night. If it wasn't a boom of thunder waking me up, it was torrential rain that did. Then at 5:30 this morning it was the cat banging the side of his food dish letting me know in no uncertain terms what he wanted!

Speaking (writing?) about our cat, I believe he has diabetes. Over the last month or so I noticed that he was drinking TONS of water and then consequently flooding his litter box, to the point that I had to change it every other day. Now, if that had been me or a family member, I would have immediately put the symptoms together and it would have screamed "diabetes" at me. I guess I'm slow because it took me a while to put those symptoms together for the cat.

Anyway, turns out cat diabetes is much the same as people diabetes. Dry food is not a good thing for a diabetic cat, so we switched him to Fancy Feast Classics. There are other kinds of Fancy Feast varieties, but only the Classics have the low grain level and therefore lower carbs, which help control the blood sugar.

So, I changed his food a week ago, and he's like a new cat. He's playing again and not laying around all the time. His water intake has returned to normal, and thankfully, he's not flooding the litter box anymore! I got some Ketostix to check his urine (sorry if that's TMI!) and it was negative, so I think we've got this!

Please note that I chose to try to handle this ourselves first rather than take him right to the vet and start down the insulin and vet-bill road. Because the cat is 17 years old as it is, the extensive research I did indicated that at his age a vet would probably recommend putting him to sleep rather than treating his diabetes, and because he only has 2.5 legs too, that would almost certainly be recommended. We don't want that, and will treat him ourselves, but if he got worse or changed in any way, we wouldn't hesitate to take him to the vet and do whatever was necessary for him. I don't want to be flamed by anyone or have anyone accuse me of neglecting our pet.

So anyway, because I can't leave food out for him to eat whenever he pleases and he has to be fed on somewhat of a schedule to keep his blood sugar under control, when it is feeding time he isn't shy about letting us know! He has figured out how to put his paw underneath his food dish and flip the dish up and then it clatters down to the floor. He will do this repeatedly until someone feeds him. He's old and crippled, but he's a character - a spoiled character!

Well, I guess I'm off to try to do some more organizing. I have NO organizing abilities WHATSOEVER. But I'm trying!

Hope everyone has a happy Sunday, and I hope you make time for the good Lord today :)

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