Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Final Tally

I just finished doing workout #2 which I told you about in excruciating detail in a previous post.  Yes, I managed to do it all the way through again!  I was a little worried because I haven't exercised since the 5K last Tuesday.  I'm still going to get through it a few more times before moving on to #3 because it is still definitely a challenge.

The final tally for last week's 5K was that I was #98 out of 106 participants.  This week's 5K is in Oklahoma City. 

Not much going on today; just working, doing a little cleaning, and reading.  I'm currently reading Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss.  I'm really enjoying it and don't want it to end!  All the really old books are free on the Kindle and I have been reading many of them.  I really like literature from that time - it was actually literature - but there are definitely a lot of good books out there now, too. 

Well, off to do stuff now.  Hope you all have a great evening!

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