Saturday, June 25, 2005

Oh, the irony! This story made me chuckle yesterday. Hmm....if I had all that done, I too could be Miss World. Then again with plastic surgery, anybody could! Doesn't this totally defeat the point of a beauty contest?!

It figures that we have had a very long dry spell just when we're anxiously waiting to see how our drainfields will behave. We are watching the septic tank the way some people watch nighttime television. "Checked the tank?" has become the greeting whenever Jerry walks in the door. I should probably stop that. Not exactly the greeting a man expects when he returns home from work! I feel sorry for Jerry right now. He is working in the heat on a metal roof down the street from us. It's not the whole house, though. The metal is being put on a little round part near the roof just for decoration, but it's really not appropriate for it considering the fact that the house is right on the water and the salt water will quickly erode the aluminum that he's putting on. Oh, well. That's what the homeowner and the builder insisted on, so Jerry's doing his job.

You can definitely tell that summer is here. The boys have been staying up late and playing games and watching television together. It makes me reminisce when I hear them laughing at 1 o'clock in the morning because I remember when my sister and I used to do the very same thing during the summer. We would get so tired and everything would seem funny! Inevitably a parent would come out to tell us to quiet down and go to bed, but boy did we giggle! At the dumbest things, too! For some reason we found playing with our dog, Porky, immensely amusing at about 2 a.m.. A tired brain will find just about anything amusing.

I keep telling myself that SOON we'll be in West Virginia. It can't be SOON enough! Well, I talked about being pruned. Snip! There goes another bad limb. I have a feeling I'll be left here until I learn to handle situations instead of stewing in frustration about them. So, I'd better start dealing with stuff or I'll be stuck here forever!

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