Monday, June 06, 2005

Feels Like Summer Now!

I was beginning to think summer wasn't going to get here - not that I was complaining - but it sure arrived today! Actually yesterday was very warm too, but I didn't feel it as much. I took Andy and his friend Kody to the beach here. Kody's mom came along too, and we had a very nice afternoon. I look like a lobster today and am in extreme pain, but we had a very nice afternoon! It wasn't so pleasant today, though, when I was outside at Andy's school from 9:30 until 12:00 for his field day. It was very hot today, and my sunburn wasn't feeling too pleasant at all in the heat. Knowing that we were going to the beach on Sunday, we went Saturday afternoon to make sure my gate key still worked (it got stuck in the lock last year and took some doing to get it free!). Jerry's mom was here and so Jerry, his mom, Andy and I went to try my key and then decided to stay and walk the beach for a while. Andy and I always look for shark teeth when we go, and we usually find a few small ones. Jerry has never even been to this beach even though we have lived here 10 years this summer, and as he was just walking along kicking through some shells, he found a HUGE shark tooth. I have never found one this large at our beach. Of course, he had to brag about what a good shark tooth hunter he was all day. He called the little things I found "minnow teeth"!

Friday's luau at Andy's school was a lot of fun. Everything had a Hawaiian theme. Even the childrens' names were translated into Hawaiian and they were given name tags with their Hawaiian names. They were originally supposed to have field day Friday morning and then the luau in the afternoon, but field day was postponed until today because of rain. Andy will be graduating next Tuesday. I am very sure that I will cry, and for once I don't care who sees me! This is my baby here, and I am not ready to see him grow up.

My blogs have been short because I haven't had much time for anything between being at school just about every day and then trying to catch up on my work at night. Well, now I must go relieve my sunburn by taking a cool shower and then slathering myself with sunburn relief gel. You'd think someone who typed about patients with skin cancer would know better.....!

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