Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Catching Up!

I haven't been writing much this week. I've been busy trying to catch up on my work. That's what happens when your schedule falls by the wayside when summer comes! We've had a very unstructured two weeks now and while it's been fun, I think a little bit of order is, well, in order! Even my cat has gotten lazy. It used to be that on weekends when I deliberately didn't set my alarm, my cat would awaken me at around 4 a.m., because that's about the time I got up on weekdays. While it frustrated me a little on days I wanted to sleep in, I was thankful for his diligence on days when I kept hitting the snooze button too long. When school ended I didn't set my alarm anymore because the cat was doing a very nice job of waking me at the correct hour. Then 4 o'clock became 4:30, then 5, then 5:30, and now this morning I woke him up at 7 o'clock! Guess it's time to go back to using my alarm clock - if for no other reason than to re-train my cat.

On Sunday we had a birthday dinner for Tom's girlfriend, Sam. Tom cooked a spaghetti dinner complete with garlic bread. It was very good. Tom put candles that said "93" on her cake. We're not sure why, but he said he thought it would be funny. I'll bet Sam will find it a lot less amusing when she really does turn 93!

Andy decided that he wanted to go bowling for his birthday this Friday. He didn't want a regular birthday party, just for the family to go bowling. We are coming back home afterwards for cake and ice cream. We are looking forward to it, as we always enjoy bowling. Can't do it very well, but we have fun!

On Monday afternoon Jerry, Andy and I went to lunch at Red, Hot & Blue. Andy had three certificates for a free kid's meal and they were due to expire this week, so we figured we would use them. It was, well, an experience. Between waiting forever to be seated, the waitress forgetting us, and our food, I don't think we'll be going back anytime soon. Andy had gotten the coupons from school where they were given for honor roll and graduation. It stated on the coupon that the value of the coupon was $4.99, so I thought that maybe we could just take that amount off of our total since all three of us were eating, but the waitress said that we couldn't do that. We had to get kid's meals and nothing else, and furthermore, the coupons couldn't even be used for carryout - they had to be used eating in the restaurant only. What I decided to do was to let Andy get what he wanted from the regular menu, and then when we were just about finished eating, I ordered three kid's meals - and then asked the waitress to please bring boxes so that we could take them home. So, guess what Andy had for dinner that night?!

I recently read in a book that God doesn't like it when we complain. I can understand this because when we pray we ask "Thy will be done", meaning that we will accept whatever His will for us is, and we are to know that what He does in our lives is what He thinks best - but then when we let Him do His will, we complain about what we get! Driving home from the restaurant, I told Jerry that I was REALLY struggling not to complain. I wondered how such a bad experience could have been His will. I said that maybe He was trying to teach us patience. Jerry thought a minute, then decided that He was trying to teach us not to go to that restaurant ever again! If that's the case, we learned that lesson well!


  1. Karen, It is Anita. I have been trying to contact you via email, but it came back from someone in IL What did I do wrong. I hope I am not the neighbor your upset with.

  2. Anita - that's not even funny! As for the email, I'm not sure why that's not working for you. I emailed you - we'll see if that works.



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