Sunday, September 30, 2012

Happy Sunday

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday.  I woke sometime during the night to the sound of rain which was very nice, but the sun is out brightly now. 

Not much going on today.  Jerry and Andy are outside and have the washing machine apart to see if it can be fixed or should be put out to pasture.  It's not looking too promising.  I am inside at the moment browning ground beef and onion for the crock pot pizza that I am making for dinner tonight.  Then I'll be going back outside to sit in the sun with a fresh cup of coffee, and watch my men work on the washing machine.

Jerry stopped by his mom's the other night on the way home from the tree job and she sent him home with a large basket of vegetables.  I intend to make very good use of those!  The two eggplants will be made into eggplant parmesan which will be my lunch all week.  The tomatoes will go on sandwiches and/or tomato pie for dinner one night.  The green peppers will be seeded and sliced and put in the freezer to enjoy all winter.

So, that's my Sunday so far.  I hope yours is relaxing, too.  Happy Sunday!

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