Sunday, September 09, 2012

A Long Ride Home

Yesterday we went to Mom's and had a great time, as usual, but Sherri was sorely missed. We called her from Mom's house, though, and talked to her. I told her that I really missed her being there because I had to deal with brother Mike all by myself! We had quite a spread of food and everyone ate themselves silly, as usual. The next time we all get together it will probably be at Cracker Barrel to draw names for Christmas.

On the way home we went to Ocean City so I could see the house Jerry is building. It was very nice finally seeing it in person. I see pictures and talk to Jerry a lot during the day and know what's going on, but it's a lot different actually seeing the progress up close and personal.

I will post pics of Mom's and the Ocean City house soon, when I get them off my camera.

On the way home from Ocean City we had just turned off of Route 1 onto Route 54 when two boys ran across the road directly in front of us. The cars in the other lane were stopped, so we think they thought that traffic was stopped across both lanes and they could cut between the stopped cars, not realizing that our side of the street was moving. Anyway, quicker than you can think, there were these two boys; one at the side of the Tahoe and the other directly in front of me on the front passenger side. Jerry slammed on the brakes, every one of us screamed something incoherent, and we all jumped out of the vehicle right there in the middle of the street. One of the boys had run into the side of the Tahoe on Jerry's side, and the other one had just tapped the right front.

When we got out they were both standing on the sidewalk looking ashen and shaky, as were we. A man in the other lane said that he had blown his horn to try to get their attention to let them know not to cross, but apparently they hadn't heard it, or known it was for them to stop. We asked them if they were okay and they both said that they were. We asked them where they were staying and offered to go talk to their parents but they said no, that they were fine, just shaken.

The oldest one looked to be about 12-13 and the youngest about 8-9. They looked kind of alike so I assume they were brothers. The oldest one told Jerry that he really was okay; the younger one didn't say anything, but his eyes were as big as plates and when I asked him how he was, he just nodded his head, smiled shakily, and made a motion with his hand on his chest to tell me that his heart was beating really fast! I laughed and did the same back to him and assured him that my heart was beating just as fast as his!

Anyway, finally they said they were really okay, and that they didn't need anything, so they went on up the sidewalk and we headed down the road. A short way later Jerry decided that he should probably call the police just to let them know what had happened, seeing as how we had stopped traffic and everything, and just in case some yahoo got our tag number and thought we left the scene of an accident or something.

We did a U-turn and headed to the Fenwick Police Department. They weren't open but there was a number to call the officer on duty, but he turned out to be inside the building anyway, so Jerry told him the story. He said it was out of Fenwick's jurisdiction but gave Jerry a number to call for the Delaware State Police and said it would probably be a good thing just to have it on record, so Jerry did this.

The police took all the information and assured him that it was okay, that he did the right thing by calling them to let them know, but that the boys were not in a crosswalk when they crossed, both boys assured us that they were okay and walked away, and that there were several people who saw everything and could attest to that. They told Jerry that they doubted anything would come of it, but if it did, they had his report and there were witnesses, so there wouldn't be any problems.

So, it was a VERY long ride home! We dropped Tom and Sam off at about 10:30 and got home about 11:15. I remember collapsing into bed shortly after we got home, and that's it until I opened my eyes this morning and saw the sun shining.

That incident was really scary, and I hope those boys never try anything like that again. Judging by how shaken they were as they were both visibly shaking and looked like they would burst into tears any minute, I think maybe they'll use the crosswalks from now on. I hope so, anyway. Praise the Lord that they were okay.

Now that I've caught you up on our exciting ride home, I'm off to do stuff. Don't know what just yet, but I'll think of something! Enjoy your Sunday, and give the good Lord praise for EVERYTHING - just because He is!

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