Sunday, July 29, 2012

Relaxing Weekend

Yesterday was a good day.  Tom came over early because he had some graphics business in the area to take care of, then he and Andy went and played tennis.  Meanwhile, I got some work done while Jerry napped, and then I made pizza. 

The veggie pizza was REALLY delicious.  You should definitely try it.  It was based on Tammy's pizza recipe but I used what I had on hand.  I used her thin crust pizza dough recipe which has turned into our favorite, and the one I make most often.  For the sauce I used Frank's Red Hot Wings Sweet Heat BBQ sauce.  Then I put a layer of thinly-sliced fresh squash and one diced fresh tomato on the sauce.  Then I put a thin layer of Mexican shredded cheese and then a layer of Colby Jack shredded cheese.  On top of the cheese I put another layer of thinly-sliced squash, really thinly sliced onion, and diced green pepper.  Then I cooked that pan of goodness at 450 for about 9 minutes, and ohhhhh, man, was it delicious!  I made a second pizza too, just regular pepperoni and regular pizza sauce, because Jerry isn't one with hot sauce or veggie pizza! 

While we ate we watched Jericho, which Jerry and I have been watching on Netflix.  It's pretty good, but creepy.  We're trying to pace ourselves - we have a bad habit of finding a show we like and then watching it in big chunks instead of spacing the shows out and making them last! 

Today, Sunday, we are just relaxing.  Jerry is outside cleaning his truck, I'm inside making potato salad, reading, and typing this!  In a little while we'll grill chicken breasts for stir fry, or whatever I decide to do with them.  Hope your Sunday is relaxing, too, and I hope you'll make time for the Lord because it is His day, after all. 

Happy Sunday :)

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