Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm back!  Actually, I didn't physically go anywhere - just took a short sabbatical from blogging!  Most bloggers are polite enough to tell you that, but I kept intending to write and never got around to it.  My apologies for my silent page. 

Since I wrote last, Andy graduated and got his first car, and Tom got a new car and launched his graphic design business.  I will post pics of cars and a link to Tom's business soon. 

Work is just as busy as ever which is strange, because usually this time of year the docs are all taking vacations and work is slow, and then when they come back in August they want all their work caught up to two days!  I'm thankful that it's keeping at an even level.  Jerry is back and forth between Delaware and here, and doing tree work here and there.  So, nothing has really changed, but I figured I'd better update so people didn't delete my blog!

I will try to write more often just so some people don't harp on me about not writing often enough.  I just hope those same people remember that they bugged me to write when I write about humdrum, mundane things just to have something to write about!  Just kidding - I like to write; it's just finding time to do it!

I hope everyone's summer is going well.  Ours is - just way too fast, and too busy! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday, y'all!

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