Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

I have a moment while I'm waiting for milk to scald. I am making Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls this morning. I do hope my neighbors are home today to share them with; I would hate to be forced to eat all of these myself! I've never made these before; I'll let you know how they turn out.

If you haven't used your Hallmark coupons that I mentioned here yet, today is the last day. I went to the local Hallmark store last night and scored two big rolls of wrapping paper for $1.33 total, or .66 each - and that is including tax. You lucky folks in tax-free states will do even better. Since I only needed one coupon and printed two, I gave the other one to Tom who is going today to see what he can find. Yes, I have indoctrinated my children into the world of couponing! There are worse things to pass on to your children.

I probably would have stayed and found something else to use my second coupon on, but on the way into the store I slipped on ice right outside the store and landed on my you-know-what. Jerry helped me up and by the time we had walked around the store a few minutes, my wrist was aching pretty badly and I couldn't move my hand, so I didn't spend too much time shopping. But there were bargains to be had, and that comes before pain any day! This morning my left wrist, elbow, and er, posterior, are a little sore, but nothing's broken, anyway!

As I'm typing this, I am keeping an eye on my neighbor's cat, who is currently in the top of one of our trees. I know that logically cats don't actually get stuck in the tops of trees, otherwise there would be dead cats lying around the bottoms of trees, but still I can't help but wonder if this guy needs help. I walked outside to talk to him and see if I could coax him down, but he just stared at me. Here's what I saw -

Well, my cinnamon rolls need me now, and I have lots of other things to do, so have a wonderful Merry Christmas Eve, y'all!

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