Sunday, December 20, 2009

Final Tally

This was the measurement in the side yard.

The cat loved being out in it this morning, but he looks
pretty disgruntled here!

The back deck and porch.

The back deck steps.

Front of the house. My Christmas flag got wrapped around the
flag pole, but there is a drift on the sidewalk underneath that is
up to my thighs, so it will have to wait!

I don't think Tom will be going anywhere soon.

Lamppost with a top hat.

Bird feeder and bird bath.

My beloved chaise lounge.

The snow has stopped. Darn. I was enjoying it, too! The final tally on snowfall amount is 16", 15", 13", 12.5", and 10", depending on where in my yard I measured! Last night as it was tapering off at around 11 PM I measured on my chaise lounge on the back deck because it didn't get a whole lot of wind and I thought the measurement might be fairly accurate there. That measured 16". Then this morning when I measured it, it was 15", so some might have blown off. But I think that's probably the most accurate measurement, as the rest of the yard has drifts, with hills and valleys of snow, making the measurement off. In any case, it's a lot of snow, and we are definitely playing in it today. And I was excited about snow on my blog post of 12/05! Little did I know......

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