Sunday, March 30, 2008

Back To Work

This has been a nice week. Tom had his break from school and so I gave Andy the week off too. But it's back to the grind for everyone tomorrow. We didn't do much this week.

My Kombucha cultures are out of control. I have about six of them in a jar and a VERY large one growing in a current jar. I hate to destroy them, but how much alien spawn in a jar can one person handle?! That's what the boys call it - alien spawn in a jar. I thought about trying to sell the extras on eBay, where I had originally bought the first culture from, but somehow it didn't seem very fair since the lady who sold it to me sells them and other health items as part of their family business. I decided to write to her and ask how she felt about it. I told her I would price them higher than hers so as not to be in direct competition, but that I would understand if she would rather that I didn't list them. She wrote back and kind of in a round-about way said that it was their family business, and while she couldn't do anything about competition, she did suggest other places I might list them or give them away. I wrote her back and told her that although she didn't come right out and say yes or no, I got the distinct impression she would rather I peddle my cultures elsewhere! There's a message board for one of the transcription companies that I work for so we transcriptionists and can talk, vent, or ask questions of one another. I posted a message there offering the cultures for free if they paid the postage. I don't mind giving the cultures away, but I can't afford to give away the postage amount! Metal kills the cultures and the boys have threatened to "accidentally" drop a fork or something in the storage jar if I don't get rid of them soon!

I thought my griddle had died the other day and I was truly sad - but only for a little while. I had asked the boys to fix dinner and they decided on grilled cheese sandwiches. I have an electric griddle that I really love because I can cook lots of stuff at one time. Anyway, the boys had fixed dinner and then cleaned the kitchen, but then decided that they wanted to try to make some omelets for themselves. Some time later Tom informed me that the griddle had died. I went into the kitchen to investigate and the griddle wouldn't come on at all no matter what I did. I was sad, but I figured that it was several years old and had finally died. I left it on the counter intending to put it outside the next morning. A little later I went to heat up some hot chocolate in the microwave and the microwave wouldn't come on. That's when it occurred to me to check the breaker box! Sure enough, the kitchen breaker had tripped. We knew that there was a certain combination of things running that would trip it but it hadn't happened in such a long time that we didn't remember it.

Anyway, I think I'll go read for a while before bed. I am currently in 1 Kings in the Bible. Some very interesting things going on! More later if I get a chance.

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