Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Farm Dreams - The Sequel

Not much going on around here lately. We are still watching our pennies and still making everything from scratch, but that's not a bad thing. I did the math (yeah, I know - I was surprised too, considering that math is NOT one of my strengths!) and I determined that a loaf of bread costs me 34 cents to make. Considering I make four loaves at a time and that has been lasting us a week, that's not bad. I certainly can't buy a loaf for that in the store. On Friday or Saturday evenings we have been having pizza night in which I make three large pizzas for us. I did the math for those, too (yeah, I know - the whole math thing!) and these cost $1.34 each to make. Well, except for when I got the bright idea to make stuffed crust pizza and put mozzarella sticks in the crust, which then brought the cost to $4.53 per pizza. Won't be doing that again. We put pepperoni, sausage, and mushrooms, or various combinations of said items, on the pizzas depending on what everyone is in the mood for.

We are also watching our pennies because we have been farm-dreaming again. It has now been about four years since we first decided we wanted to buy land and have a farm. Isn't it funny how you can get sidetracked? I guess God didn't have that in our plans just yet. We are hoping He is seeing things differently now because we really would like that farm! We want a HUGE garden, we want to raise our own beef and pork, we want chickens for meat and eggs, and I want a small milk cow. Jerry's kind of on the fence about that one (haha - no pun intended). If you're going to have a farm, ya GOTTA have a milk cow, right? Nothing major, just a small Jersey or Guernsey would be fine. And Andy's gotta have a dog. You can't have acres of land without a dog to run and roll around with, right? He plays with our neighbor's dog who is a Chesapeake retriever and is the biggest baby! He (the dog - not Andy!) has decided that it's his duty to greet anyone who comes into our driveway and to bark at voices he hears in our yard after dark. All we have to do is say his name and he stops when he recognizes our voices. This dog carries wood pieces around in his mouth and then takes them into his yard. Their front yard looks like a lumbar yard! One evening Tom and Andy were in the garage skateboarding and they had put a small piece of a 2 x 4 on the ground to jump the skateboard over. The garage door was up because it was warm and the dog heard them and decided to come visit. After a few minutes of playing with the boys, he snatched the piece of 2 x 4 and then ran into his own yard with it. The boys decided to call it a night skateboarding as it was after dark and they didn't want to be hunting for the piece of wood in the neighbor's yard.

In looking back over some of my posts, I realized that my "New Skills" post was just kind of stuck in there! There was supposed to be more to it than that but I didn't finish the post that went with it. Sometimes I will load pictures onto the blog and not publish it until I've finished the print that goes with it and sometimes I'll just hold onto a draft until I'm finished writing a piece, but somehow this got published with any accompanying story. One of these days I'll write it. In the meantime, just know that I realize the pictures really make no sense stuck in the middle of things as they are. I'll watch the "draft" and "publish" buttons a little more closely from now on.

Anyway, just wanted to update a little. I've been really trying to get 8 hours of sleep a night and so for me that means going to bed at 9 PM. While I've been managing to do that, it has left little time for anything else, like blogging!

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