Sunday, April 13, 2008

Back Again

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I posted. These have been a busy couple of weeks . Work for me is back at a normal level - actually an above normal level, and I have been doing extra. Andy and I have been working hard at his lessons since his break and that's been taking extra time. Last Monday was certainly interesting around here. I had started a load of wash and then was at the door saying goodbye to Jerry when, while we were standing there talking, I thought I heard what sounded something like, oh, Niagara Falls or something similar. I ran downstairs as fast as I could and went into the laundry room. Everything was okay there, but I was still hearing a definite waterfall. Then I looked in the bathroom next to the laundry room and lo and behold, there was a fountain of my washer water coming out of the toilet and all over the floor. The toilet had reached flood stage and was overflowing with sudsy water. I ran to the laundry room and turned the washing machine off and the fountain stopped. To make a long story short (when's the last time I did that!), we had to wait until the next day for the septic tank to be pumped out. It turned out there was a blockage between the house and the tank. This was after trying everything we could ourselves to solve the problem which included actually taking the toilet up. (The water went down, just at a trickle though, so it wasn't completely blocked - just mostly!) At least there was nothing wrong with the system itself. We haven't had a bit of trouble with it since we remodeled the drain fields and distribution box about three years ago and we were glad that it was something that was a relatively easy fix.

Jerry has been back and forth to Delaware a couple of times working. He certainly has an interesting job to do this week, though. He is moving an Amish family to Illinois. He knows an Amish man who does small engine work and while talking with him one day it was brought up that he and some other Amish families in the area had purchased property in Illinois and were moving and wanted to know if Jerry could be hired for moving them and a trailer load of their belongings. Jerry's cousin has done this before but he said his truck was getting too old and he didn't trust it to make the trip, so had referred Jerry. Anyway, on this trip he will be taking the man who owns the engine shop, his son and neighbor. They will be taking a horse trailer filled with lumber that the man milled himself and will be taking out there to build his house with. Jerry's uncle is going with them as a relief driver. The trip is expected to be about 13 hours one way. Well, that's if they would be continuously driving. They expect to be making stops along the way so it will be taking longer than that. Jerry asked me if I would make a "care package" of food for the trip, so I'll be happily cooking away on Tuesday. I haven't done much of that these past couple of weeks and I've missed it.

Lets see.....what else? Oh yeah, our resident graffiti artist. We have a whiteboard in our living room - I'll explain that in a minute - and Tom has been leaving his, um, art on it for us to find. About the whiteboard - we just happened to have holes in the wall from when we painted the living room and the whiteboard has hooks that ended up fitting perfectly. It's not permanent and we can just take it down when we want but it really is handy to have. I think it's a necessity if you homeschool. We use it for lots of things and it is especially great for working out those long algebra problems.

Well, I think that's about it - for now, anyway!

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