Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter, y'all! Here are pictures of this year's irreverent Easter basket ritual. We are irreverent about this part of it because we know what Easter is (it's all about Jesus!) and what it isn't (Easter bunny!). For the last few years I have been amused by the boys' creativity in that department. I go to bed and leave them to their devices to find Easter candy vessels. Here, for your viewing pleasure, is a picture of this year's.

A shoe box and my bread pan.

Oh, and look what they left for the Easter bunny........

Body building supplement powder and potatoes.

There is no rhyme or reason to the things we do here. We just amuse ourselves! Also, did you notice the books in their baskets?! Tom got a Dora book and Andy got a Thomas the Tank Engine book. Seems the Easter bunny had a joke up his her sleeve as well!

Happy Easter to everyone. Whether you go to church or not, please don't forget to give praise to the Lord who gives us hope and a future, because He died for us and rose on this wonderful day. And try not to eat too much candy!

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