Thursday, March 09, 2006

Whew! Time to take a break. I am very tired! Believe it or not, the boys and I have actually been making headway on this pile of mess we call a household. Jerry has been in Ohio all this week and is due back tomorrow, and the boys and I decided that we would surprise him by having as much decluttered, cleaned out, taken down, or otherwise packed away as possible. I have come to a startling conclusion. We have WAY too much stuff.

There is a huge auction and sale in Mt. Hope, Ohio every year, and it's mostly horses and horse equipment. Jerry's brother goes every year and Jerry's mom said she was going this year and asked Jerry to come with them. They have had a great time this week, but Jerry said he's ready to come home now! He called me today from a different auction where he had gone with his brother and brother-in-law and asked me to look something up on the computer about the size of a John Deere engine before his brother-in-law bid on it. I got the information for him and then listened to the auctioneer over the phone. How anyone can understand them is beyond me! All I heard him say was jumbled sounds occasionally punctuated with a loud, "ONE THOUSAND dollars", then the mumbo-jumbo again, then, "one thousand FIVE HUNDRED dollars", and so on until the gibberish finally ended with "SOLD!". The auctioneer was talking so fast and the numbers were rising so quickly that I told Jerry I hoped he was keeping his hands away from his face and close to his body, so as not to accidentally bid on something!

It has been a nice visit for all of them. They are staying with Jerry's sister and brother-in-law in Dayton, Ohio. This gave Jerry's mom a week with her only daughter and two of her three sons, and they all seem to be enjoying themselves.

Now I am going to put on my jammies - yes, I call them jammies - and read for a while. I have been reading a book that some people feel is controversial, called "Created To Be His Help Meet". Personally, it kind of reflects what I have felt for the last several years. The book doesn't offend me at all. It is based on the belief that God made a woman to be a "help meet" to her husband, as it states in the Bible - not his boss, his conscience, his resident nagger, or his competitor. We are living in a very ill society right now, and I just wonder how much of it is because women insist on being equal to men, when that just wasn't the way things were supposed to be. We are made differently, so why the struggle to be the same? Okay, stepping off my soapbox now!

On to jammies, some reading, maybe a cup of tea, and Zzzzzzz............going once, going twice, "GOOD NIGHT!" (Toldja I was tired!)

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