Sunday, March 12, 2006

Uh oh- Jerry's caught the auction bug! I knew he spent too long in Ohio! Okay, that's not entirely true. For a few weeks now he has been talking about going to an auction in Pennsylvania tomorrow, but a few days ago when he called me from Ohio, he said he didn't think we'd be going. Well, he's been home two days now and he's decided he wants to go after all. So that means we'll be leaving at around 5:00 tomorrow morning to go to Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania. His uncle wants to go too, so we'll be picking him up on the way. I've never been to a "for really" auction before - just the little ones around here where you can actually understand the auctioneer!

In looking online for the information about the auction we're going to tomorrow, I discovered that eBay also has live auctions and it turns out that the auction we're going to tomorrow is also going to be simultaneously on eBay. We could stay home and watch the auction and bid from here, but Jerry says he would rather go and see the stuff before he considers bidding on any of it. Here's the link to eBay live auctions. They are very interesting to watch. Here is the link for the particular auction we will be attending tomorrow. When you are viewing the auctions on eBay, it isn't like having a camera there watching the auction; as each item comes up it shows the item and then shows the bidding progressing, and that's all you see. I decided to try my hand at one of the live auctions the other day and bid on a pair of gold and diamond earrings. I really just wanted to see how the auction process worked (yeah, right) - so I bid $10.00. They ended up going for $91.00. I wasn't too sad - you can't really expect to get a pair of gold and diamond earrings for $10.00, now can you?!

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