Friday, January 06, 2006

Never A Dull Moment!

I was going to write about the holidays and what a wonderful Christmas and New Year's we had. I was also going to write about Tom's change in career plans. But those will wait until later.

Last night I was on the computer and signed onto the bank to look at our accounts. I was very surprised when I noticed Jerry's business account had it's balance in red. Uh, oh. I opened the account information screen and discovered that someone had stolen his business check card number and had been on a two-day online shopping spree, not only wiping out the entire account but overdrawing $4,000.00 on top of that. There were a few thousand dollars of charges for electronics from different places and even a charge for Victoria's Secret! I guess even felons need lingerie. We immediately called the bank who immediately cancelled the card and reassured us that they would handle everything. Our money is expected to be restored to the account within a few days and then the bank will be pursuing whoever did this. While Jerry was on the phone talking to the bank, I got on another line and called one of the places where some of the shopping had been done and let them know what was going on. The lady at this place said that there was an additional $567.00 order getting ready to be shipped. I told her again that this was not anything that we ordered and that the card was now cancelled. Out of curiosity I asked what that order was and she said it was a camera and a printer. I asked her to tell me the name and address that it was supposed to be shipped to, and she said she couldn't tell me that for security reasons! Security reasons?! I told Jerry this while he was still on the phone with the bank which he relayed to them and they told him not to worry about it - they would get all of that information. I am thankful that Jerry filled his truck up the day before this happened. Now if only I could get somebody to do something about the electric bill I received yesterday. It was $304.00 - that's for one month. Sure seems like theft to me!

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