Monday, January 16, 2006

It's That Time Again!

Yes, it was finally tree-tossing time here. As you can see from the pictures, it was a little different this year with everyone wanting a turn. If the neighbors questioned our mental stability, this event should have definitely confirmed their suspicions. With each toss and then subsequent drag up the steps to toss it yet again, the tree lost more and more of it's branches, growing smaller by the toss. Then the toss disintegrated into a brotherly battle with the tree as the weapon. No brothers were harmed during the making of this spectacle. Can't say the same for the tree, though.

We went to Arlington on Saturday and toured the Art Institute. What a cool place! We were very impressed with it and Tom is eager to start. We will be going back in two weeks to finalize the paperwork and for Tom to take his placement tests. They said there is a possibility that he may be able to test out of a few of the beginning courses since he already took a few college courses during his senior year of high school but they are looking into transferring his college credits first, but not all colleges accept credits in transfer. We have to wait for their decision on this. I brought my camera but Andy wanted to use it on the way to snap some pictures and of course, it got left behind in the truck which was parked four stories underground in the Hyatt down the road. I will remember to have it with me next time. Finding parking was not an easy task, and it was Saturday! They informed Tom that when he attends he should probably ride the Metro or something because parking will definitely be an adventure. Many of his beginning courses are offered online also, so he thinks he will take them this way and save the commute for the classes that aren't online. Actually, they told us that the online courses are more stringent and strict than the courses on campus. If you take an online course you are required to be logged in and actually participating for 5 hours on the days the online class is in session. The classes on campus are 4 hours each. The college goes in quarters, not in semesters, and it goes year-round without summers off. Tom will be completing his degree in 3 years - possibly sooner if he can get credit or test out of some of his courses. The entire top floor is their culinary school and they told Tom that honor students get served 12-course meals from there. I guess that's a good thing - assuming the students can cook well. In any case, it's probably better than anything he's used to around here!

Now I'd better get busy. Andy has assignments to do and it's been difficult getting back into the old routine around here again. Oh, well - back to the grind.

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