Saturday, December 10, 2005

O Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree tonight. It is standing outside until tomorrow when we will decorate it. We went to Food Lion to do some shopping (that's where we got our tree) and had a laughing fit in one of the aisles. We (Jerry, Andy and I) were standing in front of a candle display sniffing all the different candle scents. We enjoy scented candles and have one that we have been burning in the foyer, but it smells just like Vicks cherry cough drops and gets a little cloying after awhile! We were in search of a new scent and so were reading the names and sniffing the scents. We saw names like Mountain Air, Cucumber Honeydew, Cranberry Grapefruit, and other yummy-sounding things, and they smelled just as nice as their names suggested. Then I came across one labeled "Family Gathering". Family gathering?! That could be quite a cacophony of smells! Aunt Zelda's mothballs mixed with Aunt Gertie's overpowering perfume, Uncle Bob's Ben Gay, Cousin Stumpy's body odor, and let's not forget Baby Molly's diaper. I was almost afraid to open the jar! I was laughing so hard that I couldn't open it, and so just handed it to Jerry. He looked at it and said that evidently whoever named that candle had never been to our house after a day of yard work and smelled one of our "family gatherings"! I'm still chuckling about that. We had more than a few people give us strange looks because of our laughter. Well, we were already getting strange looks because Jerry was dancing to the Muzak in the frozen foods and a couple of other aisles. He made at least one little boy laugh and a grown man chuckle. I told him he'd better stop before there were men with butterfly nets waiting for him at the doors. Oh, in case you're wondering, Family Gathering just smelled fruity to me. Fits my family perfectly!

I saw a commercial yesterday that really bugs me. It is for T.G.I. Fridays and shows a man at the bar who turns around and sees what we then discover is his wife sitting in a booth with some girlfriends. He walks over to her and asks her what she's doing there. When she says that her girlfriend called, he asks her where the kids are and she says they are with her mother. At this point they both turn and look and there is the grandmother with the children in one of the booths, too. Why was it okay for the man to be out and then question his wife when she went out?! Or at least he could have asked her what she was doing there in a nicer sort of way. The way he says it in the commercial is, I think, rather accusatory as if to say, "Hey! I can be here, but you're supposed to be home with the kids!" Double standard, anyone?!

Speaking of commercials, I saw one on the History Channel that had us shaking our heads. There were couples dancing in rather, er, intimate ways. The dancing was getting hotter, as were the dancers, and then the scene cut to ........ tires. Tires. Oh, someone please tell me what dirty dancing has to do with tires?! Perhaps I'm slow but I really fail to get the connection here! Yes, I know that sex sells, but tires?!

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