Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Neat Stuff!

Technology is wonderful. Two of the three items I had listed on eBay sold and I decided to try the new shipping options. Before, I would package whatever the item was then take it to the post office for shipping. Now I can print the label including postage right from my computer, tape it on the box, and drop it in the blue postal box in front of the post office. I had hoped for it to be even more convenient, but that didn't work out. There is an option after you print out your postage label that asks if you want to have your mail carrier pick up your packages for shipping when your mail is next delivered. I clicked on that option and entered my information, but it came back and said that carrier pickup wasn't available in my zip code. Oh, well. At least I could just drop the boxes in the blue box and not have to go in and stand in line. Such neat stuff you can do now! The label also included a tracking and confirmation number, something that I used to have to pay extra for when I went to the post office to ship.

I pulled up in front of the post office and Andy dropped the boxes into the blue box in exchange for me stopping by the convenience store and letting him go in to buy a soda. He is really growing up. I know that letting my son go by himself into a store to purchase his own stuff isn't such a big deal to most people, but to this mama it is! He fairly strutted into the store! I was disappointed for him when he was coming out of the store, though. He was coming out just as a grown man was coming into the store. I was so proud of Andy as he opened the door and then politely held it for the man coming in the store. The man never made an effort to get the door, never even acknowledged Andy standing there holding it open for him. He looked straight above Andy's head and into the store as he sauntered inside, just brushing past Andy. Such rudeness.

On a better note, maybe we'll get more snow on Thursday night. Oh, I really hope so! I'm not snowball-battled out yet!

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