Monday, July 11, 2005

Still Kickin'

Whew! I have been very busy working the last few days to try to make extra in order to buy the books and things we will need to homeschool Andy. It shocked me when I saw the calendar and realized I only had two more pay periods before I needed the supplies, so I figured I'd better put it into high gear. Here in our county we are required to register with the board of education no later than 15 days before the first day of public school in order to homeschool. That puts us roughly in the beginning of August. With Tom, I had gone through the church that we were attending at the time and they served as my "approval" for what I was teaching, which was then approved by the school board. Now I'm on my own and I'm not sure if they are going to want to see what materials I intend to use or not. Probably not. I truly do not think this county cares much about this. I have very little faith in our local board of education, and have been very disillusioned that they are acting in the best interests of our children. It's surprising how much my thinking has changed in that regard. With Tom I was very scared and thinking that THE BOARD KNEW ALL, and wondering if I would do it right. Now I realize that THE BOARD knows very little, and I am confident in my ability to teach my child, and furthermore believe that he will get a much better education this way.

I have spent about three years looking at and comparing curriculum for Andy. I think I have made good choices, but we'll have to see when we begin. Nothing is written in stone, and I'm obviously not going to continue with something that just isn't working for us, but right now I feel good about what I have chosen for him. With Tom, because I really felt like I didn't know what I was doing, I bought a pre-packaged curriculum for the entire year that was basically all workbooks for each subject. BORING!!!!! I have a little bit of this and a little bit of that in store for Andy. Tom's curriculum package was what was used in Christian schools. Andy's isn't overtly Christian like Tom's was and is quite a mix. I did, however, choose a science curriculum that assumes that you are teaching that God created the earth, and not some random cosmic explosion! At least he will get both viewpoints this way, which is more than the public school science teaches.

I figured I should probably update my blog just to let anyone who may read it know that I'm still kickin'! Busy, but still kickin'!

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