Monday, December 19, 2016

Almost Christmas

Christmas is close now.  I love seeing all the Christmas lights around the neighborhood at night time.  Sometime before Christmas I want to ride around and see lots of them, before they're gone.  I STILL haven't put all the decorations that I want in the house.  I need to make time for that, or I might as well wait until next year!  This Christmas will be quiet.  We will be going to Tom's for our family Christmas, but not until January.  With Andy being in retail management now, he can't take time off around the holidays.  Well, it just prolongs the Christmas season for us! 

I have been busy with a rush cookie order this weekend.  I received the order on Friday (it was a last-minute, kind-of-emergency order), and I shipped it out this morning.  Here are some of the cookies.


On a sad note, my former supervisor (and friend) passed away last week.  You might remember that I posted about the company that I worked for that was run by mother and daughter.  It was the daughter (Norma) who passed away.  I worked for them for 21 years, and I never met Levonne, the mother!  We talked almost daily, either Levonne and I, or Norma and I.  I did meet Norma a couple of times.  We gave Buddy, our parrot, to them and he had such a good home with them.  Jerry and I are going to the viewing tomorrow and I will be meeting Levonne for the first time.  I know her voice so well that I know I won't have any trouble recognizing her.  Here is Norma's obituary.  Prayers for the family would be appreciated.  Even though they retired in July, I will miss her very much.

I hope everyone had a good weekend, and I wish all of you a wonderful week.  Happy Monday!

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  1. So sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.
    Your cookies are wonderful. Like I always say they are little works of art and I am amazed by them.
    I made your cookie recipe the other day. : )



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