Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yes, I know what "tomorrow" means.

So, I didn't update "tomorrow" like I said in my last post. But you really should know me better than that by now!

The 5K went pretty well. I walked A LOT of it. There were hills on this course and they were tough. I really am out of shape for this kind of thing. At least the rain stopped just long enough for the event. I looked at my heart rate monitor at one point when I felt particularly winded and it was 189. I figured that maybe that was what the doc meant by not exerting myself, so not wanting to end up in the ER, I took it a little easier. Besides, like I said, I'm REALLY out of shape for this kind of thing!

The boys did well. We separated and did our own thing on this one, so they just waited for me at the end. I went straight from the finish line to the truck to leave, so that's why my face is so red in our group picture. I always turn red as a beet when I pretend to run. I feel fine but I look like I need life support. You can go here to see the results. You can hit Ctrl+F to search for our names instead of reading through the whole list, if it's easier.

There were people with cameras all over the place. As I was rounding a corner, I saw a camera aimed directly at me and begged the lady holding it PLEASE DON'T TAKE MY PICTURE! Well, I begged as well as a person gasping for air can beg. I found these pictures of Andy on the web, though! Luckily, none of me have showed up around teh interwebs. In the first picture below he is talking to the lady who finished just ahead of him - she's 70! Andy said he drafted her the whole race, like a race car!

So, there is my recap - sorry it's a little a lot late!

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