Thursday, March 25, 2010

It Doesn't Take Much

Well, I'm back momentarily - I know I haven't written in a while and I'm going to be changing my blog around a bit soon, but for now I had to write about my trip to Giant this afternoon. Using the current General Mills $10.00 off $20.00 catalina promotion and doing this in four transactions, here's what I got:

12 boxes of Hamburger Helper (don't judge - you know you'd cook it too if it were nearly free!)
6 Apple and Eve Fruitables (8-pack)
4 Green Giant Steamers
2 boxes Cocoa Puffs cereal
1 box Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
1 box Trix cereal
1 box Lucky Charms cereal
5 boxes of Nature Valley granola bars
2 boxes of Bisquick
1 Reese's peanut butter cup package (2 peanut butter cups)
4 Breakstone sour cream

The grand total out of my pocket after rolling the catalinas through four transactions was - drum roll please - $13.47.

*Contented sigh*

Yes, it's a sickness.

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